In 2007, Melbourne born and bred, Starward founder David Vitale began with a simple vision; to create a distinctly Australian whisky to offer the world with pride. Starward has been consistently recognised for its bold spirit and flavour, leading to it becoming what is now one of the fastest growing Australian whisky brands. Over the last three years Starward has expanded globally, launching an international presence in the New Zealand, US, Germany, UK, France, and Japan. Through driving distribution in these key markets, Starward is leading the way for Australian Whisky around the world and we look forward to continuing the growth in in the years to come.


Left-Field is an approachable, versatile single malt whisky with all the hallmarks of Starward’s distinctive Australian red wine barrel maturation. This whisky is unique to Starward as we only use 100% French oak to give a rich and spicy mouthfeel and to enhance the complex oak characters, while maintaining the delicate wine flavours. Crafted to be smooth and flavoursome in style, enjoyed any way you like; mixed, shaken or built.

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41% ABV

Nova is Starward’s signature single malt whisky which has received several global awards, but the real gold is in the bottle. This whisky is fully matured in Australian red wine barrels from wineries local to our distillery. These wineries make the great Australian shiraz, cabernet and pinot noir wines. With our distillery located within a day’s drive to Australia’s most famed wine regions, we often receive many of our barrels within hours of being emptied. This allows us to ‘wet fill’ our barrels with new make spirit to access as much of the wine’s fruit character as possible. The result is a deliciously balanced and bold whisky made for sharing and mixing.

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43% ABV

Solera was our very first Starward whisky. Made using the traditional solera process means there is a drop of our very first whisky in every bottle. Matured in Australian Apera barrels, this whisky is a bona fide Starward Australian take on a traditional whisky.

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50% ABV

Fortis meaning ‘brave, bold’, is a full bodied, full flavoured whisky that celebrates local Australian ingredients. Bottled at a higher ABV of 50% and non-chill filtered, this whisky is fully matured in 100% American oak red wine barrels, predominately sourced from the Barossa Valley. These barrels, which previously held big Australian bold reds like cabernet and shiraz, offer a fuller and richer mouthfeel to this single malt whisky. Starward Fortis is blended in batches, meaning each batch will be unique but will maintain the core flavour profile and intensity.

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Single malt whisky made from local brewers’ barly and matured in Australian tawny fortified barrels. Each barrel was a smaller 100L octave size which provides an extra full- bodied flavour.

Just like Port, Tawny is a fortified wine that is decadent, rich and easy- drinking. We wanted this exact character for our Tawny whisky.

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